“The Bitter Poet’s “Guy’s Gotta Breathe” is a manic, almost unhinged anti-folk stream of consciousness anchored by literate, specific lyrics and Kevin Draine’s engaging vocal performance.  It is a whirlwind 2:46. His voice moves from a grumble to a howl throughout the song, keeping the listener close with his tenor’s ratcheting tension. The tension finally explodes at the end of the tune, providing a fitting end to the wild ride.  If you’re into The Mountain Goats’ lyrics, you may find The Bitter Poet to be incredibly appealing. In the way of all unique things, the song does takes a moment to adjust to. After you settle in, it’s really impressive and calls for multiple listens.”  Independent Clauses

“Kevin Draine plays The Bitter Poet to the hilt!” Charleston City Paper Review

“The Bitter  Poet is on the mark with his observations of human life…  And he’s as funny as he is astute!” –Charleston City Paper Review

“This isn’t simple stuff, but the juxtapositions are sly and intriguing.”  Charleston City Paper Staff Pick

“Fringe organizers call it the year’s most avant-garde production.”  Charleston City Paper Preview Article

“If I haven’t used the word ‘wild’ yet, I should have, because that’s what this show is.The Bitter Poet has been described as ‘The Doors meet Jack Nicholson.’I’d say that quote is fairly accurate, but I’d like to one-up that by saying this act is more like ‘The Doors meet Richard Pryor.’ And that’s certainly a show worth seeing, as well as a CD worth owning.” –New York Resident

“A spoken-word rock extravaganza!” -The Patriot-News

“The Bitter Poet persona is high energy…He is undeniably a quirky figure who demands attention. And not just because he is prone to scream at the top of his lungs, rip off his shirt, and dance about like a poster boy for the Saint Vitus Dance.It’s not every entertainer who can dream up a sordid story about a rapacious woman obsessed with hot pokers and then drop in, midway, ‘I suddenly realized we might not be as happy together as I had dreamed in the cab that night.’ -Back Stage West, LA

“…a humorous, cynical and explicitly adult treatment of sex-and-ego issues… and a whole lot more!” -The Aquarian, NJ